Tax ID Number

A Federal Tax ID Number is also called EIN, or an Employer Identification Number. It’s a 9 digit number assigned to a company by the IRS. You can apply for yours online at Federal Tax Identification.

These numbers are used by the US Internal Revenue Service to:

  • Identify companies found in America and its territories
  • Acknowledge a company for purposes of tax documentation
  • Identify what company workers filing taxes work for
  • Basically, any company who’s workers must get one, but depending on such things as the kind of tax return you file.

Apply Online
The Internet Tax ID Number program is the preferable way of customers to apply for and get an Tax ID Number. Once the application is finished, the information is validated during the on-line session, and an Tax ID Number is issued promptly. The on-line application procedure is accessible for all things whose principal business, office or bureau, or legal residence (in the event of an individual), is situated in America or U.S. Territories.

Tax ID Number

Use by Fax
If it’s discovered that a brand new Tax ID Number is needed by the thing, one will be assigned using the proper processes for the entity type.

Apply by Post
Ensure the Form SS-4 (PDF) includes all the necessary info. One will be assigned using the proper processes for the entity type and sent to the citizen if it’s discovered the thing needs a brand new Tax ID Number.

Apply by Phone – International Applicants
Finish the Third Party Designee section if you need to authorize the named person for the thing’s Tax ID Number and answer questions about the end of Form SS-4. The designee authority terminates at the time. You must finish the signature area for the authority to be valid.

Exempt Organization Info
If you consider your organization qualifies for tax exempt status (whether or not you’ve a prerequisite to apply for an official opinion), make sure your organization is formed officially before you apply for an Tax ID Number. When you apply for an Tax ID Number, we presume you’re officially formed and the clock begins running on this three-year span.

Other Federal Identification Numbers

Social Security Numbers
The SSN is the most common type of tax identification numbers. A kid must have a SSN before that child can be claimed by a parent as a dependent for income tax purposes, so most parents apply for the number on behalf of their kids. Applications are processed by the SSA at no cost, but there are also fee-based services that offer to finish applications for brand new parents.

Worker Identification Numbers
The IRS uses the EIN to identify trusts, corporations and estates that must pay taxes. These groups use it to report their income for tax purposes and must apply for the number.

When the adoptive parents cannot get the child’s SSN in time to complete their tax returns in a timely manner the ATIN just applies to national adoptions. To qualify, the kid must be an U.S. citizen and the adoption must be pending.

The IRS issues ITINs to certain nonresident foreigners who don’t qualify for a SSN. When he files the partner of the nonresident alien must contain the number on his tax returns.

The IRS started demanding listing of a PTIN on each return a tax preparer files starting on Jan. 1, 2011. Prior to this date, use of the PTIN had not been obligatory. Any preparer that charges to complete part or all of the tax return or refund for another person must have and use the PTIN.