Be sure to carefully follow each lines completion instructions on your SS4 form, complete each line requested using N/A in sections that are not applicable.

The first line, legal name of the business entity (or individual in the case of sole proprietorship) exactly as it appears on your social security card, applicable legal document or charter, this field may not be left blank for obvious reasons.

Acceptable inputs for line one would be;

Individual and Sole Proprietorships

For individuals in the case of sole proprietorships for example just simple enter your individual name not your business name or your DBA doing business as name, in this case you would enter the business name on line 2, be sure not to abbreviate line one it must be your full legal name.

Estate also Known as Estate of a Decedent

Enter the full registered legal name of the Estate, if the name has no given legal name simply enter the name of the decedent follow by the word “Estate” in example “John Smith Estate” for the decedent of John Smith

Trusts and Executor Trustee Filings

Simply enter the name of the trust as instructed clearly on the trust instrument or instructions given with the trust.

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Corporations C Corps and S Corps

Simply enter the exact name of the corporation regardless of type as accepted by the state of filing in whats generally called articles of incorporation or charter paperwork.

Partnerships Business Formation

Enter the name as it appears on the articles of incorporation, charter or other legally binding state document creating the business and verify its active.

Plan Administrators One Per

Type the full name of the administrator of the plan, a plan administrator who already has an EIN should use that number.

Be sure to only use the complete legal name, or trade name, exactly as is on all tax returns.


Line 3 is used for administrator, executor, trustee and in some cases a “care of”

In the case of Trusts just type the name of the trustee. When processing an Estate enter the name of the estates administrator, executor or any fiduciary with control.


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