Estate Tax ID Number


If you think you are new to the term Estate Tax ID Number then you might be wrong because it is nothing but the same Federal Tax ID number which issued to businessmen and self-employers by IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for tax purpose, only for Estates.

This unique ID number is also needed by people who are serving as the trustee or executor of a dead person’s property. The Estate Tax Identification Number is also referred to as Employer Identification Number and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

Estate Tax ID Number

Who Needs an Estate Tax ID Number?

If a person is responsible for any property or estate of a dead person then he/she is liable to have a unique Estate Tax Identification Number or EIN. Those who are under the responsibility of the property, the first thing they should be doing are obtaining a Federal Tax ID number for themselves.

Even if the executor has a Social Security Number he/she will need the unique Federal Tax ID number for tax purpose.

However, there is an exception of this rule is present for the spouse of the death person. If someone is the spouse of the decedent then he/she can continue using the estate by using the Social Security Number and there will be no requirement for Employer identification Number.

How to Obtain an Estate Tax ID Number?

To apply for Estate Tax Identification Number, the applicant should be the legal executor of the property of the deceased person. The property or trust should be appointed to him/her by the owner himself or by the court.

While applying for the Tax ID, the applicant will also have to submit the Social Security Number and the Personal Tax ID of the decedent. With this entire information available one can easily apply for the Estate Tax ID Number.

There are several ways available to get an Estate Tax ID Number. First of all you can fill up the online IRS form on the IRS website. You will have to provide all the required information stated in the form.

But be careful, you can’t make any mistake while providing information; otherwise your application may get rejected.

You can also opt for the other alternatives available such as you can call the IRS directly for the Estate Tax ID Number or you can mail them and fax them. But all these ways are quite lengthy and it might take up to one month to get you

The Estate Tax ID Number.

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