Getting your IRS EIN (Employer Identification Number) Online isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Filing for an EIN for a sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, Trust and many other entities can be done affordably and without the need of hiring an expensive lawyer.

All you need to do is determine what type of IRS EIN you need to file for, is it for a Sole Proprietorship or a business.

if its a business you’ll need to know what type of entity it is, for example LLC or Corporation, we suggest using an online SS-4 Form processing service like this.

If you would rather file yourself you can search and find the acceptable accompanying document list as well as SS-4 filing information to self file and download a blank SS-4 form here

After properly completing your IRS EIN SS-4 by manually verifying your information and then self completing your form or by simply using an online EIN processing service and receiving your EIN Number you’ll need to figure out what else is needed for you too use your Employer Identification Number IRS EIN.

Heres one example, if you’re requesting an IRS EIN Number so that you can open a bank account for a new business as banks in the USA require of all business clients.

You’ll also need matching corporate documents such as LLC or Corporation which requires that you file Articles of Incorporation in order to register your business with your state.

We’re happy to help you file your IRS EIN as well as obtain any articles of incorporation documents that may be needed to open your bank account or access your trust or partnership with your employer identification number for your business.

We suggest getting your IRS EIN number after filing your articles of incorporation and verifying you actually have a company name registered so that you don’t file for a company name that isn’t available to register in your state.